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This webpage is a new resource for ideas, theories and methods of a new form of justice that we believe can be more inclusive and better serve the needs of victims, offenders and our communitites.
Cojustice embraces the new paradigm of restorative community justice.

Cojustice is a new way of looking at justice that involves all of us in the justice process.
From Webster's New World College Dictionary, 3rd ed. 1996, we've come up with our definition of this new word:
co-var of com, 1 together (coact) 2 mutually, equally (coextensive) 3 joint or jointly (copilot, coauthor)
justice- 1 the quality of being righteous; rectitude 2impartiality; fairness 3 the quality of being right or correct4 sound reason; rightfulness; validity 5 reward or penalty as deserved; just deserts 6 the use of authority and power to uphold what is right, just,or lawful.

Cojustice is the joining together of all of us in the use of authority to uphold what is right, just and lawful.

This page and content is managed by Inc., a private non profit organization
dedicated to providing training and education about restorative community justice.
We will continually update these pages to help share these new paradigms.
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